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• 7/7/2018

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• 2/17/2017

sup dead wiki

its me firefly1 but changed xD
if you need me, im here
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• 1/18/2016

good ol days

Any of you rember the days where we all where active a lot,We would have huge roleplays,We all seemed to actullay care about one another,It was like a big family.And all of the sudden one by one,We stop coming on now its only me left in a pile of ruins or mabye it will soon be "Was the last one here" Be cause I just might finally move on and stop comming here...mabye but the wiki always haunts me,Just going to the halo pedia or the sod wiki I think of pimp (what a weird accronyme) and this place and thinking of the good times I had here with you guys. I am writing this as a message if one of you guys come back oh and surise...ounce you get done doing whatever your doing like kisses boys and getting in fucking sane ammounts of school work and you might remember this place or if you ever see this...I love you still,I can never stop thinking about you I cry,I sometimes consider suicide and sometimes...I just cant go on. I love to no end and I dont care if people say if our loveis fake,Its not in my opinion. Sorry for rambling but I just don't know what else to say, I am mostly A google+ user now and troll cancerous fanbases and shitpost. As of now I have almost 200 followers and almost 1000000 views but I would rather have you guys back than fame from sharing and posting offesie trash bye...
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• 11/25/2014


I can't screenshot, but Hyena117 wrote this, 

Hyena117Yar harharharharha This is gonna work
Mabye not
I have been doing this for a long time like a mounth and all I wan't you to do is just come on chat...That is all I wan't
You can do anything you wan't in chat I just wan't to see you again
mabye I should just be paitent though...I have been
I don't think I am a good boy friend

Awww! This is sweeter than Leonetta
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• 10/14/2014

Croatia v Azerbaijan

Check out how Croatia creamed Azerbaijan in the European qualifiers for EURO 2016!
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• 9/24/2014


Are you guys even care about my exsictance. i know all the time you guys ignore me in chat and in roleplay which Is pissing me off. but when i make a wikia none of guys to to it.....I go to all your guy's wiki's when you bring them up. Hell I bet you guys are hiding the newer random show crossover wiki from me. You know the one Gold spark made. I made one of my own cause I douted her story I posted it and no one came There it is.
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• 9/15/2014

Changing my username!

I can't decide what username should I put! Here's the list of the usernames I need to choose:
If you have other ideas...
What username should I put?
Thank you! ;D
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• 8/23/2014

Help me ;-;

I-I-I think I'll die (not in real life) if someone will call me a jerk again... the someone is HYENA because he told me I acted like a jerk, I'M NOT A JERK. If he continusly calls me a jerk, I will ban him from chat and I will tell to Surprise to break up with him! Look, I'm the biggest on this wiki, since I'm the chat moderator, I will definitly ban Hyena if he continusly calls me a jerk. I did my own wiki, The Fantasy of Zelfine, where Hyena isn't allowed to enter there, because he's weak top know about LoZ! FoZ wiki is ONLY for me and Surprise1 and for the ones who extremely knows about LoZ! Here's the link of the wiki, but NOT for you Hyena the monster! If he enters there, I will block him from the wiki!! D<,_Nature_and_Craziness!
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• 8/20/2014

OMG I improved


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• 6/17/2014

Need help

can one you guys dellet my pages please.
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• 6/17/2014


I hate myself
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• 4/17/2014

Hey everyone! Is me Anamary!!! =D

I changed my account and you can call me for short Firefly or Fire or oldly Ana! ;)
My new pony is Thunder Sketch! And now, in my imagination world, I'm Surprise1's step sister (aka BFF) =DD
~Lord Anamary
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• 4/16/2014

I'm back again! But still in my aunt's computer!

I got my computer back! But I don't have internet... :(
I'm planning a new movie called The Demon Hero, I will do the movie in Movie Maker and the scenes are drawn on Gimp 2, in my computer! When I finished it, I will put it on Youtube, it has parts! I can't do a one hour movie because Youtube doesn't let me to upload longer video. :(
I will have a new wiki account called Firefly1, because my Yahoo mail doesn't work and I'm bored having a account with Anamary the Pikonik. XP 
PLUS I'm a Lordkonik, not a Pikonik... -_-
My 2014 pony version is called Thunder Sketch, a unicorn who controls thunder and she's a magnificent artist. Her parents are disappeared because of an accident and she got to Star Sketch's parents when she was 1-2 years and she became Star's step sister. (Surprise1's)
See you when I'll get internet! ;D
~Lord Anamary
P.S. : When you see Firefly1, that's me, and call me Firefly, or if you like to call me oldly, Ana. ;) And sorry for my English!!! ^^;
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• 3/15/2014

Awsome Announcement

I have a awsome annocment for the people that don't know.Me and Surprise1 are boyfriend and girlfriend.I am so happy for my first relation ship and so far,I think I whould wan't to spend the rest of my life with her/get married.I know I am 13 and that might not happen untill I am like 27 but I love her so much. :]
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• 3/9/2014

Decided to join this place

Hi all, I'm Brandygang! 
This looks like a nice little community, so I decided to join where I can post all my ideas, characters and stories. I like cartoons, anime and comics and have been inspired by such. I look forward to talking and meeting with you all!
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• 3/1/2014

If anyone sees this?

Well I been back for 2 to 3 weeks now and no one has really said anything......I feel so loved, seriously, its been 2 to 3 weeksm I'd expect more than 1 welcome back or at least a "We missed you" message, guess I am not worth beans on here for some reason, ok fine, treat me as if I am invisible, I just stay invisible and keep to myself on PIMP Fanon Wiki with Hyena, least me and him have become better friends now. Which I am thankful for. I still appreciate the great people on this wiki, even if some of them rather not aknowladge my existance of returning to this wiki, seems only 1 person did see I came back. I couldn't stay away from my friends for long, if they are my friends that is?
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• 2/16/2014

Rest in Peace Ochie :(

Hey guys i got some bad news and good news the bad news is.....Ochie died last week sunday. It was in the evening she ran out across the street, its like my house and my neighbours house is seperated by this patch of land anyway thats were she went and she heard a car coming so she tried to run back across but the car hit her and well you know the rest.....The thing is my dad was cleaning his bus and some how Ochie went across the street and he didnt notice and me and my mom were inside :( I swear if i was out there i wouldve gone across the street picked her up and run back home just to save her but well. She was buried under our mango tree the day off the insident and in her grave lies a flower i put there. The good news is tommrow (or today) is the day im getting a new kitten and im gonna name her Valentine or him Cappuccino so look out for him/her in some series like TheWikicrew but on October 18 2014 wouldve been Ochie's arrival/birthday and she wouldve been a year old so on that week we will honour Ochie and call that week Ochie week
Thanks for understanding
With love,
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• 2/14/2014

Back, and my censier apologizes

Well I am finally back on the Wiki, I have done much thinking, and after seeing the votes on my blog, I decided to come back, thank you to all who voted on my poll on my blog. Anyway, I like to give my censier apologize to everyone for any inconvenience I may of caused in the past, I hope to become a better user on this wiki and most important, an even better friend to everyone on this Wiki. I missed you all so much.
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• 2/14/2014


I wrote this message on my aunt's computer because my computer is broken or burned. ;o;
I will be gone for some days until I get the computer back or a laptop.
I miss you all!!! ;n;
~Thunder Lord Anamary
P.S. : I love you all! Especially Surprisy. <33333333333
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• 2/9/2014

Not giving up

Ok hello its been long since ive been here well not long long just 2 weeks i guess reason is one school two i had the flu anywho lets get down to business.
Ok so far we lost two boys (Hyena and Niko) not sure if they'll ever return . And now its looks like were in end times for this wiki. Well should we persue, should we give in and let everything we worked on slip through like sand in our hands? HECK TO THE NO!! No ive gone through two falls already (PIMP fanon wiki and MLP Oc wiki) and this! This isnt gonna be my third cause let me tell you this if this is it if this is where we throw in the towel im done! Ok finished any new wikis consider me outta it cause let me tell you something. I may be a quitter in math and i may be a quitter in learning but i am not i repeat i am not A QUITTER ON MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
So if i snuff out any back stabbing, fighting or quarells i'll break it *snaps pencil in two* Like that and you will deal with me am i understood?! Im watching you Ana and Surprise. Ya you might be bffs and all BUT I AINT PUTTING UP WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
And we will build like we never build before and this wiki will last for generations to come. :)
So for valentines week i want you to do a creative project. Poems, Drawings, Stories what ever you can think of deadline ends Febuary 14th 2014 
And may i remind you, One slip up *smashes vase* You'll deal with me.....
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