Written by  Lord Anamary


In one day, one very sad for the Lordia lordom, which the other Lordince was disappeared forever,

The Lordbook- Ep

he was a girl's older brother, the girl who is the Lord of Randomness and she likes random, Lordana who she was a 15 years old lord.

The Lordia citizens are sad

Young Lordana: sighs When I will see my older brother again? I lost him yesterday, I tough he will come, but it will never happen. And I'm too young to be a Lordess... sits down 

Random female lord: comes Hey! Are you Lordince Loran's young sister?

Young Lordana: Yes. Why do you ask?

Random female lord: Because after some years you will be a Lordess! You will rule this lordom!

Young Lordana: But...

Random female lord: You will do this for your brother! 

Young Lordana: Yes! gets up I'll do everything for my brother and my other relatives! After some years... whatever! Bye! teleports

Random female lord: waves

After some 5 years

20 years old Lordana: walks around the Lordia

A Lordince Loran's older royal guard: Lorde-- Lordana! We have some good news!

Lordana: Yes?

The royal guard: Today is your coronation! 

Lordana: Oh my.... but.... after 5 long years? That's amazing! Thank you so much for these news! 

But a Lordana's twin sister, Leastria, the Lord of Knight, wanted to be the first Lordess of Lordia.

Leastria: Okay, you sister, you won't be the first Lordess, I'll be the first Lordess and I'll rule the Lordia Lordom for Lordince Loran and other reatives, err... except for Lordana!  evil laughs

At the palace

More people are there

Lordana: smiling 

Some strong sparkles are appearing then it appears a Lordess crown which it comes to Lordana's head.

Lordana: *o*

Leastria: jumps to the crown I'll be the first Lordess!

Lordana: gasps

Leastria: accidentaly throws the crown and it brakes in 2 pieces

Everyone: gasps 

Leastria: Oops...

Lordana: ...

The 2 pieces turns into 2 crowns

The royal guards: We must to-- !

Leastria: takes the second crown and teleports

The royal guards: .... have the full crown....

Lordana: But look! puts the first crown on her head I have my crown! 

Everyone is happy

Leastria: teleports back Oh yeah! I'm a Lordess too!

The royal guards: In jail! runs to Leastria

Leastria: tries to shoot knights

The royal guards: dodges Ah! 

Leastria: takes the royal guards with magic and throw them through the window 

The royal guards: Woah! 

Everyone gasps

Lordana: Sister?

Leastria: looks to Lordana

Lordana: Why?

Leastria: Just shut up! smacks Lordana then teleports

Everyone gasps

Lordana: cries a bit

A royal guard: You're highness, your sister is very evil.

Lordana: wipes tears No... it's my fault... why I never let her to be a Lordess too? And now she's evil...

Everyone: Aww...

Lordana: This is such a sad coronation day for me...

A royal guard: That's okay, your highness, this is still a coronation day, we can still have fun.

Lordana: Alright...

Everyone has fun, except Lordana, who she's sad about Leastria, about her evil sister who she loves her. But Lordana will never forget about Leastria... and of Lordince Loran, of course.


The End


Written by Lord Anamary

Characters Lordana, Leastria, the random female lord, the royal guards.

Series planed by  Lord Anamary and Surprise

Episode type - short


Note: Sorry that it's too short, I don't have many ideas! Sorry! U_U