Written by Lord Anamary


In the palace of Lordia

Lordess Lordana: Sister, did you see another palace far away of Diamondestria?

The Lordbook - Evis Evillis

Lordess Leastria: Yes! It would be perfect for Lordess Giuloreen's twin brother.

Lordess Lordana: I don't know...

Lordess Leastria: I think that palace is from Diamondestria too.

Lordess Lordana: I don't know already... But our older brother knows, maybe.

Lordess Leastria: Okay...

In Lordia

Magica: Lucky cousin! She's a Lordess! Maybe her twin brother will be a Lordince!

Redahim: I think, because Diamondestria has 2 palaces, which is for two Lordinces who hates each other, and they are staying separated.

Serrohim: Huh! I don't think I'll stay separated with Reda! I don't like his intelingence, but I still like him!

Redahim: Okay, if still you're a Lord of Loyality! ^^;

Red eyes appearing on a tree and it laughs evilly

Magica: What was that?

Redahim: I think a new villain!

The red eyes disappears

Serrohim: Neh.. I think it was a bat...

Redahim: Umm, I think no...

Magica: I think is a new villain who loves to bully!

Serrohim: Bullying who?

Redahim: Cute and kind persons!

Redahim, Serrohim and Magica: Gasps Kamira! D: Runs away

In a beautiful place

Chima: Runs then jumps on Kamira's arms purring

Kamira: Giggles cutelly then strokes Chima

Someone in dark runs from a tree then jumps on other tree snickering evilly

Kamira: Looks around Did you hear something, Chima?

Chima: No...

The person in dark teleports then comes to Kamira laughing evilly

Chima: Looks back Meow! D:>

Kamira: Looks back 

Somewhere else

The rest of the relatives: Runs

Magica: We must to be faster! Kamira will be kidnapped!

Giuloreen: So, there's a new villain? The name?

Redahim: We don't know already! D:

It hears Kamira's scream

Serrohim and Ghira: Too late! D:

They arrives on the beautiful place

The person: Was bulling Kamira and Chima

Kamira: Cries

Ghira: What are you doing?! Who are you and why are you bullying my younger little sister?!

The person: I'm Evis Evillis, the Evil Lord! 

Redahim: Stop bullying Kamira! She's the kindest lord of the universe!

Evis Evillis: Repeats with a squeaky voice She's the kindest lord of the universe! Then laughs evilly running and pulling Kamira

Kamira: Help!! D':>

Ghira: You stupid villain, I'll- I'll!!!

Redahim: Cousin! Calm down!

Ghira: But I'm calmed!!

Redahim: -_-

Magica: We must to save Kammy fast!

Giuloreen: ...and Evis defeated!

Ghira: Yeah! But faster!! D:<

At Evis Evillis' place

Evis Evillis: Throws Kamira hardly

Kamira: Cries

Evis Evillis: Shut up! Covers Kamira's mouth I hate when someone cries.

Kamira: Mmff... Gets teary

Evis Evillis: Repeats Mmff... Then laughs evilly and scares Kamira

Close to Evis Evillis' place

It hears Kamira's scream again

Ghira: Noo!! D:

They're in the place

Magica: Who can open the door? D:

Ghira: Easy, of course! Tries to open the door Close!!

Redahim: What do we do? 

Serrohim: AAAAAAAAH! Crashes the door

Redahim: -_-

Ghira: I think you're too small. Let the strong lord to do this! Walks back then runs 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Crashes the door 'Dizzy with diamonds


Evis Evillis: laughs evilly then slaps Kamira I want to see you dizzy! Dizzy! laughs evilly again

Kamira: Cries Let me! D


Ghira: With a sword destroys the door Oh yeah!

Evis Evillis: Stops Huh?!

Magica: Let Kamira to us!

Evis Evillis: Ha! Or what?

Ghira: Tries to hit Evis with the sword

Evis Evillis: Dodges then sticks out the tongue

Ghira: Huh? Gets angry

Giuloreen: Shoots daggers at Evis 

Evis Evillis: Dodges then saw her *o* Falls in love Such a beautiful Lordess... Puls Giuloreen for a kiss Hey, Lordess, you're so beautiful that I'll kiss you.

Giuloreen: Gasps then punches Evis

Evis Evillis: Crashes the wall 

The wall hole has a heart form

Evis Evillis: I'm in love

Giuloreen: I have Darkle! So hands off!

Evis Evillis: Hmm! Darkle? He has such a stupid name for a man.

Someone is in Evis' back

Evis Evillis: Looks back Huh?

Darkle: Attacks Evis' like a tiger

Evis Evillis: Yoooooooooow!!

Giuloreen: Darkprince! *u*

Darkle: Finishes I heard about you being a Lordess, sweetie.

Giuloreen: Blushes

Evis Evillis: With black eye and scratches Punches Darkle Let Darkle, I'M your boyfriend! Throws Darkle on Ghira

Darkle and Ghira: Dizzy

Someone in Evis' back

Evis Evillis: Huh? Again? looks back Uh oh :|

Darkira: Puls Evis's neck

Evis Evillis: Mommy :|

Darkira: Scratches then punches Evis away

Evis Evillis: Disappears

Ghira: Sweetie! <:D

Darkira: Kisses him on the cheek

Ghira: Heart eyes and gets out the tongue

Kamira: Thank you for saving me! Smiles shylly then blushes then hugs

The relatives: Hugs Kamira

Darkira and Darkle: :)



Written by Lord Anamary

Characters Ghirahim, Lordess Giuloreen, Redahim, Serrohim, Magica, Kamira, Darkira, Darkle, Lordess Lordana, Lordess Leastria, Evis Evillis

Series planed by  Lord Anamary and Surprise

Episode type - short


Note: Sorry that I wrote Ghira because I'm too shy to write his full name!