Written by Firefly1 


In Lordia there's Evis Evillis stealing the Light Jewel from the Lordeum (a lordness museum)

Evis: laughs evilly The power is mine now!

Ghira: Not so fast, Evis! hits him with the sword

Evis: dodges

Serrohim: Yyyyaaaah!! hits him with daggers jumping up

Evis: Aaaarrggh!! throws the jewel

Magica: catches the jewel teleporting

Evis: Huh? Where is the jewel?

Magica: throws it to Redahim

Evis: runs to Redahim raging

Redahim: teleports the appears from up then falls on Evis with a kick

Evis: Aargh!! DDX

Redahim: teleports far from Evis Evillis

Ghira: opens the cage where Kamira and Giuloreen were closed

Kamira and Giuloreen: We're free! =D

At their house, the relatives teleports

Ghira: Woah! That was awsome! Since the Lordeum is destroyed, what can we do with this diamond? I looove diamonds! >D

Redahim: This is actually a jewel, but still a kind of a diamond.... hmm... you have a passion of loving the diamonds!

Ghira: Not only loving the diamonds... I love Darkira, boasting, my sister Kamira, and moooreee!!

Kamira: blushes shyly

Giuloreen: looks at the jewel Beautifuuuulll........

Redahim: Same as Ghira! XD

Serrohim: The diamonds makes me so special! puts sunglasses

Magica: Yeah.... and the happiness is including in this when you're a hero! :D

Ghira: dancing 

Magica: sees the jewel is glowing strong Giuloreen! Be careful!!!!

Giuloreen: gasps then throws it to Kamira

Kamira: Noo!! throws it to Serrohim and Redahim

Serro and Reda: AAAAAAH!!! throws it to Ghira

Ghira: gulps

The jewel is glowing strongly then Ghira disappears and it appears 5 piece of diamond

Serro, Reda, Kamira, Magica and Giuloreen: gasps Ghira!!

The jewels are floating then it appears 5 versions of Ghira

Serrohim: Oh noo!!!! There are 4 versions of Ghira!!! O_o

Redahim: 5 no 4

Serrohim: 0, 1, 2....

Redahim: You can't start numbering with 0.... -_-

Serrohim: Oh! I meant There are 5 versions of Ghira!!! O_o

Red Ghira: punches Serrohim hardly SHUT UP!!! I HATE WHEN YOU'RE SO STUPID!!!!!!!!! DDD<

Purple Ghira: puls Giuloreen Oooh... what a beautiful sister..... 

Giuloreen: Remember that you hate me! punches him

Yellow Ghira: jumping YOOOPEEE!!! I'M FREE!!!!! WOOOO!!! LET'S PARTY!!!!

Grey Ghira: hiding under the coach I don't like this place... sad face

Orange Ghira: sticks out the tongue then falls down forwardly

Redahim: So, here are the personality versions of Ghira...

Serrohim: The Red Ghira is angry

Redahim: The Orange Ghira is lazy

Magica: The Purple Ghira is passioned

Kamira: The Yellow Ghira is happy

Giuloreen: And the Grey Ghira is shy, but not like Kamira...

Kamira: Yes... I'm kind shyly, not shy... I'm shy like Fluttershy

Redahim: I think 5 Ghiras it means a bigger team! :D And it means we have a big family!

Kamira: Yay! I have 5 big bwothers!

Red Ghira: YOU'RE NOT MY SISTER!!!!!!! DDDD< raging hardly

Kamira: I meant.... 4 big bwothers....


YG: playing with Kamira

RG: punching Serrohim

PG: stays near Giuloreen with a passion look

OG: sleeping with cats on his back

GG: hiding behind the coach

Redahim: Sooo... can we watch some movies or playing Wii gam--

RG: punches Redahim EVERYONE DOESN'T LIKE THIS!!!! JUST YOU!!!!!!!

Redahim: LET ME DOWN, GHIRA!!!!!

RG: SHUT UP!!!!! I HATE WHEN YOU'RE SHOUTING AT ME!!!!! punches Redahim down

Redahim: Ouch...

GG: This violence is making me so bad.... gets bad Oh god... I'm going to.... pukes on YG

YG: Hey! Don't be so sad! Look at the bright side! :D You're in a beautiful world! makes a diamond rainbow with his hands

GG: Umm... I'm not sad.... hides 

RG: punches YG Are you forcing to do GG HAPPY?!? WHAT ARE YOU?! A CLOWN?! punches GG everywhere

Redahim: O-okay, guys, don't fight, plea--

GG: pukes on Redahim's head

Redahim: I CALCULATE A 13290743247507386398463489365% CHANCE THAT IS AAAAAAAAdfghwtyw$%tqA4RYHRTUYHWuw^tuyw%^y.....!!!!

GG: Oops....

In the Lordia kingdom there's a giant monster which nobody can't control it

The relatives are ready to fight but they're still playing 

Redahim and Magica: T_T

At the relatives' house

Giuloreen: When we must to save Lordia, the Ghira version are still playing with us!

Serrohim: with bandages Must to get Ghira back, I can't support RG to punch me so much times in a row....

Redahim: I think they didn't hear--

RG: with other versions of Ghira opening the door so hard YES WE HEARD!! YOU CAN'T PUT ME BACK WITH THESE STUPID GHIRASTUPIDS!!!!!!!!! teleports with them 

In the living room

Redahim: Me and Serrohim we must to go to catch the grey and the purple one

Serrohim: Phew!

Giuloreen: Me and Kamira we'll catch the yellow

Magica: Myself I will catch the orange and the .... red one.... oh no....

In Lordia

GG: walks sadly

Reda and Serro: follows him 

GG: looks back

Reda and Serro: teleports

GG: sitting down

Reda and Serro: behind GG

GG: Go away, guys... sniff

Reda and Serro: goes down

GG: gets teary ....

Reda and Serro: touches him with the piece of the Light Diamond

GG: goes on it

At the place where YG is there