Akantha Bloom the Nature Lover

Akantha Bloom is a fanon pegasus pony and a nature lover who lives in Ponyville, formerly Cloudsdale. Somehow she's attached to nature, green and light green mane makes her look really close to it. Green eyes looking friendly and makes her look beautiful. She also loves having fun as always.

Cutie MarkEdit

Akantha got her cutie mark when she was still a young filly, but she's the last one in her class to ever get one. Akantha was travelling in the Everfree Forest, desperate because she's still doesn't have a cutie mark. All alone in the woods, Akantha saw flowers, wilting. She quickly got water and watered those plants. Every single one, there was a lot but she was never tired. The next day she came back and she saw that the flowers were growing beautifully again. Such sight made her so happy, she vowed that she would water the plants every single day and not only that take care of them too. Making sure that the flowers would be healthy. She went after that day, when she went home, her mom looked surprised and pointing at her "blank" flank and when she looked at it, there it was, her cutie mark. A beautiful flower. She jumped at delight knowing she now has a cutie mark. There is not a single day she'd come to those flowers and care for them.