Federation-Klingon War 012

Voyager fighting a Negh'var class warship

The Alpha Hydri War was a conflict between the Federation Intrepid-class starships and the Klingon warships in 2014. The battle was fought in the Alpha Hydri system in Federation territory. Although heavily damaged at the end, the Intrepid-class starships won.

Duration of the battleEdit

Four Federation ships Voyager, Intrepid, Odyssey and Jefferson enter the Alpha Hydri system. Klingon warships of Negh'var and K-32 design open fire on them. Voyager's ventral saucer array takes damage while the Intrepid gets a hull breach, quickly followed by two new ones. Voyager and Intrepid manage to destroy two Klingon ships while Voyager's right impulse engine starts to leak. Jefferson takes three blows in its hull and gets a breach in the deflector. Three more Klingon vessels get destroyed. After Voyager's leak gets fixed, Voyager's auxiliary deflector breaches and Voyager isn't capable of external sensors and backup trusters anymore. Odyssey gets a leak from the right impulse engine and a hull breach in the primary hull. More and more Klingon ships get annihilated. All ships engage the last Klingon warship. The warship fires a torpedo, making a breach near Voyager's deflector. At the end, Voyager fires a full volley of photon torpedoes and destroys the ship triumphantly.