Arctic pic

Arctic is a cheerful female pegasus pony. She is also very adventurous and energetic! She loves outer space, especially comets and stars. She loves ice too! These three things reminds other ponies of her cutie mark, a star comet with the comet's tail, color blue. Her cutie mark is a star comet because for her represents predicting and her love for space. She has 50% of succeeding and 50% of failing in predicting.

Cutie MarkEdit

Arctic got her cutie mark when she was star-gazing one night. She saw lots of stars and even saw a comet. She made a wish so that she can predict. Then her friend called her. Her friend said that her guy friend is mad at her and she doesn't know what to do. Arctic gave her some advice and said that tomorrow would be better for her and that her friend and would even laugh with her and at the end and he'll say that "I'm sorry for misunderstanding you." When she got to school the next day she was surprised that her friend was grinning. Arctic asked why she's grinning so wide. Her friend said "Me and my guy friend became friends again! Then we laughed and guess what? He said the exact same things you said that he'll say!" Arctic smiled, she was right! Her wish came true! Then her cutie mark appeared before her eyes. Now, she predicts everytime!