Sugar: *water bends*

Draw Star: *draws boulder then kicks it*

Ice Summer: *ice bends*

Lighting Thunder: *lighting bends*

Sad pony base ms paint version by ask flare22-d5sdrvc

Fire: Sketch: *fire bends*

*shows map of equestria*

Years ago,

a mare stayed in her room for 2 decades

*zooms in on canterlot castle and Sketch's room*

Then the bitterness grew inside her

*shows Sketch's evil eyes*

On her 24th birthday the castle held a coronation for her but she ran away

*shows Sketch running away*

Chap 1-0

Nopony knows where she is or why she ran away so join me and find out

*shows book cover*

*shows chapter*

*1 year later*

Sketch: *sleeps in bed*

Servant: *knocks* Your highness?

Sketch: *wakes up* Mmmm uh w-who is it?

Servant: Just a servant ma'm i have your breakfast

Sketch: Oh yes come in *puts on robe*

Servant: *opens door and sets food on night table* Um your highness we have some news

Sketch: then speak *sips tea*

Servant: We have official declared that tomorrow will be your coronation

Sketch: *spits tea all over servant* My gosh! Im terribly sorry here let me help you *wipes her with handkerchief*

Servant: No no its quite alright and we have a request from your sister

Sketch: Please tell me its from Celestia....

Servant: No its from Luna she says you should meet her in the dressing room to help her find a good dress for the coronation tomorrow well i'll be off *closes door*

Sketch: *sighs* Why....

*the next day*

Sketch: *is in dressing room looking out the window then puts hooves on on table by window and stream of fire melts vase* No no no no no! Calm yourself control yourself....

Luna: *opens door and is covered in seaweed and pie* Sketch Heart?

Sketch: *covers mess with blanket*

Luna: Im here *closes door* im back!

Sketch: What happened to you?

Luna: *heads to dressing door* Pig pie *goes in* I mean not a *throws some clothes out* pig pie but pig and pie *peeps* and ocean *goes back*

Sketch: *gives a shy smile*

Luna: *from dressing door* Wheres my night dress?

Sketch: Still recovering from the last time you wore it

Luna: oh right *flings shoe on window next to Sketch but dosent break* Oops! sorry..

Sketch: Please dont make a mess...

Luna: *steps out in purple and gold dress* Oh how about this ha ha

Sketch: *picks up clothes* mm mm you are not wearing that to my coronation

Luna: ok *flings dress of then goes in* hm hmm *gasps* *steps out in huge puffy pumpkin orange dress* What is this?

Sketch: *face is speechless*

Luna: Ooh oh la la my tail is here tail is there oh pardon my behind young man didnt mean to knock you down

Sketch: *giggles then clears throat* It is just gift

Luna: From who?

Sketch: Oh i dont know one of those big countries *giggles* stop goofing around *puts hat on her then pushes her to the dressing door*

Luna: I can barely fit through the door way! *comes out in aqua dress and is holding red shoes with magic* Ooh Found one! *goes to foot stool* What do you think? *puts on left shoe*

Sketch: Its fine its ju- Uh uh No! no no no those shoes are mine and there new

Luna: But they match and i just ruined mine

Sketch: Well thats your own fault you shouldnt have worn them out...

Luna: But i couldnt help it *walks towards her* I was excited!

Sketch: *takes shoe with magic then nudges her to mirror* Luna tell me something when are you gonna grow up and start using your head?

Luna: .......I dont know when are you going to lighten up and have a heart? *turns to her* Please let me borrow your shoes?

Sketch: *sighs* ...........*gives* fine

Luna: *giggles* Thank you *puts on*

Sketch: *opens drawer* Oh by the way

Luna: *walks to her* hmm

Sketch: *shows present* Here..

Luna: .....You bought me a present?

Sketch: Its the coronation custom now it means alot to me so i need you to take this seriously

Luna:.........You love me you really really really love me

Sketch: Ugh forget it *puts back in drawer*

Luna: Wait no no! give it to me!

Sketch: Luna stop no stop Luna get off of me!

Luna: Oh you fell really hot...

Sketch: *backs up* STOP TOUCHING ME!!

Luna: *falls back*

Sketch: I cant stand it!

Luna: Im sorry........

Sketch: *sighs* Luna-

Luna: No no it my fault you hate to be touched i know that

*knock on door*

Guard: Its time

Sketch: Its time....

Luna: Its time......

*in coronation room all ponies in equestria is seated*

Sketch: *is wearing a red yellow and orange form of cadence's coronation dress with gloves and hair curled beautifully* *walks down corridor*

Chorus: The newly rising queen behold behold all hail the newly queen behold behold the queen shall rise to our heal

Sketch: *stands on stage next to Celestia and Luna*

Pronouncer: *holds out cup and staff on pillow* Your highness with all respect take of the gloves

Sketch: *gulps* *takes of with magic then holds staff and cup then turns to crowd*

Everyone: *rises*

Pronouncer: From the great depths of Canterlot to high skys above and greatest scroll of our past rulers it is my degree to pronounce

Sketch: *staff and cup start heating up then puts it back on pillow and puts on glove*

Pronouncer: Queen Sketch Heart of Canterlot may one of the royal sister put the crown on the queen's head

Sketch: *bows head*

Celestia: *puts crown on*

Everyone: All hail Queen Sketch Heart of Canterlot

*the party*

Everyone: *talking and/or dancing*

Musician: *blows trumpets*

Celestia: Queen Sketch Heart of Canterlot

Sketch: *walks gracefully up stage*

Celestia: Princess Luna of Canterlot

Luna: *runs and kinda trips up stage*

Celestia: ahem Luna next to Sketch Heart

Luna: Oh are you sure cause i uh-

Celestia: *nudges her closer to Sketch Heart*

Luna: Oh ok *takes a step away from Sketch*

Everyone: *continues what there doing*

Sketch: *to Luna* Hi

Luna: Hi hi me?

Sketch: mhm

Luna: Oh Hi

Sketch: You look beautiful

Luna: Thank you you look beautifuller i mean not fuller but beautiful

Sketch: he he thank you

*later in the night*

Sketch and Luna: He he he

Luna: I wish it can always be this way

Sketch: Me too *looks in eyes then smile fades* But it cant

Luna: What why

Sketch: It just cant excuse me *walks to guard*

Luna: *sighs*

Sketch: The coronation is over,Close the gates

Everyone: *murmurs*

Luna: What? Sketch Heart no. No, wait! *grabs her crown*

Sketch: *gasps and faces Luna* Give me my crown!

Luna: Sketch , please. Please. I can’t live like this anymore

Sketch: *tears run down her face* Then go. Live with Celestia, For all i care *starts walking out*

Luna: *cries* Why are you so mean to everypony?!

Sketch: *stops* Don't start Luna...

Luna: No, Why?! You never spoke to Mom or Dad, You never spoke to Tia! WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?!

Sketch: I said, not now!!!! *fire bends and fire surrounds her*

Everyone: *gasps and starts talking*

Celestia: Impossible, we broke it from you how?

Luna: S-Sketch H-Heart?

Sketch: *stares at everyone then runs off*


Sketch: *runs out to courtyard and bumps into Mare*

Mare: Oh! Your highness

Sketch: *looks mortified and backs away and presses onto frozen fountain which melts immediately*

Guard: There she is!

Sketch: Please just say away from me! *fire bends at guards*

Guard: Monster MONSTER!!

Sketch: *runs away*

Luna: Sketch! No! *tears up and holds up crown close to her*

* village near dawn*

Sketch: *buys cloak from shopkeeper and puts it on her then goes to strange part of the village*

Sunset Shimmer: No Trixie pay attention *puts to map* We go to canterlot with army and dark magic strike in the kingdom and bring to the ground

Trixie Lulamoon: Well i say we go to ponyville and strike there first

Sunset: Canterlot!

Trixie: Ponyville!

Sketch: Steady girls wouldnt want someone to eavesdrop on your plans

Trixie and Sunset: *turn to sketch*

Sunset: Go away peasant theres nothing in equestria you can do to stop our plans

Sketch: *throws bag filled with bits to them* How bout now?

Trixie: well...

Sketch: and if that doesnt help *reveals face* You are talking to Queen Sketch Heart of Canterlot

Sunset:....Fine what do you want?

Sketch: *giggles evilly* Follow my lead and Equestria is ours to keep


This took forever to write and sorry for the two month delay my laziness got the best of me so enjoy and more coming soon promise


Sketch: Heart belongs to here

Celestia,Luna,Trixie Lula moon and Sunset Shimmer belongs to: Hasbro

Sketch's dress: done by anamary found here

Dressing room scene found here

Evil Sketch loves you >:) <3