Cappuccino is a strong hearted, fearless, annoying, kind and sometimes gentle pony who works at the Ponyville cafe.




Cappuccino is annoying pony at times especially to Cloud Paint, shes more hard working than any of her friends and very weird including one time when she and Cloud Paint slept over at Sketch's castle and in the middle of the night started burping loudly. Cappuccino at times may slack of on things and she isn't a fond of clouds nor paint (hint hint). Cappuccino has a weird taste in fashion.


Cappuccino is a green pegasus with freckles. She has a blonde mane and tail braided. She has aqua blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a coffee paper cup with spilled coffee and a heart on the cup.

Mlp base 178 by soulful bases-d788y81

(on left is Cappuccino on right is Cappuccino's 'fancy' get up)



Cappuccino has the amazing ability to eat coffee beans without any harm since normally if you eat a coffee bean you die instantly. She also can make a popping sound when she flaps her wing at top speed. She is also good at hair styling and her true talent is making coffee out of her own bare hooves.

Art and MediaEdit

Cappuccino has been drawn and created in solid form by multiple medias and drawn in a stream by

Pony (1)

Cappuccino made in a 3D pony creator

Tumblr n1sgehCrqy1rv61goo2 1280

Cappuccino drawn in a live stream


Sketch Heart

Cloud Paint (currently)

Thunder Blitz

Summer Heart

Star Sketch

Sugar Sprinkles

Twirly Magic

Sereni Tea

Akantha Bloom

Arctic Comet


Cloud Paint (formerly)

Sunrise Pallet



"Oh no she didn't"

"Coffee is my life"

"Tell me now tell me now let it go scream it out tell me now"


"Shut it cloud mouth"

"Its not yellow its blonde"

"You do that one more time..."


"I'm gonna burst a gut so you better cut it out *laughs hysterically*"

"After all..I WAS STRANDED IN THE DESSERT WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

".........Duh crap just happened?"

"*smacks* You wanna get caught?!*

"Wanna live till you thirteen......then get out"

"Ok times up now get out"


* Cappuccino's name means Italian coffee drink

* Cappuccino was originally supposed be an ice pony like Elsa

* Cappuccino originally had spikey long hair

* Cappuccino lived on a coffee bean farm when she was little

* If Cappuccino were to end up like an ice pony her name would've been Icess

* Cappuccino started working at the age of nine

* Cappuccino was suppose to wear a cowgirl hat but changed the idea

* Cappuccino enjoys the occasional fruit drink in summer but sticks to coffee

* Cappuccino bears some similarities to Thunder Blitz

* Both are tough and strong

* Both are blonde in ways possible

* Both are pegusi

*Cappuccino is the only pony out of all her friends to be perfectly green