Cloud Paint is a calm cautious and affection pony. He works and lives ponyville.


Cloud Paint


Cloud Paint loves painting clouds and he can be shy sometimes but hes also very sweet sometimes you dont even know hes there. He dosent really like Cappuccino but he gets along with her.


Cloud Paint is cyan blue and has yellow hair he has hazel eyes. His cutiemark is a cloud with a paint brush.

Cloud paint


Cloud Paint is good at being master of disguise and his good at painting clouds. He can hold his breath for 5 minutes.

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(left Cloud Paint right 'Master of Disguise')


Cloud Paint has been created in a 3D form.


Sketch Heart

Cappuccino (currently)

Thunder Blitz

Summer Heart

Star Sketch

Sugar Sprinkles

Twirly Magic

Sereni Tea

Pony (2)

Akantha Bloom

Arctic Comet


Cappuccino (formerly)

Sunrise Pallet


"Stop that..."

"Im not pushy im just saying"

"Is that suppose to be a compliment?"

"Coffee Bag!"

"I really dont know"


"Oh im sorry but pardon me for being nice"

"Hi Sketch Heart i love you YOUR HAIR I love that hair of yours"

"Does it look bad?"

"You hesitated"


*Cloud Paint coat was sky blue until changed to cyan

*Cloud Paint is similar to Fluttershy

*Both are shy

*Both are peaceful

*Both are pegusi

*Cloud Paint has a huge crush on Sketch Heart

*Cloud Paint's favorite color is white

*Cloud Paint paints clouds for a living

*Some ponies think Cloud paint and Cappuccino are siblings due to the fact they always hang out and there mane and tail color are almost the same