Coconuts is a young monkey that lives at a orphanage though he loves to go out on adventures with Sonic,Amy and Tails.Coconuts is 9 years old and now lives in tree house that Sonic made for him.He later was captured by eggman to be made into a robot and was cloned.Though his main robotized was destroyed by Sonic,He came out like any other flickie.


Coconuts is a small monkey.He stands about 2 feet and 9 inches tall.Hes brown with tan tummy.Coconuts preety much looks like Coconuts the badnik.His tail and feet is tan.


Coconuts loves to play and have adventures.He is cute and real nice to people.He loves to eat bannas and Coconuts which is how he got his name by Sonic and Amy.His favroite sports is Base ball and foot ball.


Coconuts has a talent of throwning things,This is how he help stop eggman's first plan to take over the world.Coconuts farthest and fastest recored throw was 300 feet per second.This is how eggman got the idea of turning him into a robot.