Do you wanna play outside

*in castle after Sketch finds out about her real parents*

Filly Luna: *looks outside and runs to Sketch's door* Sketch? *knocks door* *sings* Do you wanna play outside? The sun is shining out today, I never see you anymore Come out the door It's like you've gone away *plays with dolls in great hall* We used to be best buddies And now we're not I wish you would tell me why! *at door* Do you wanna play outside? *sings through key hole* We can always play inside

Filly Sketch: *through door* go away Luna

Filly Luna: Ok bye...*leaves*

*Later in her room*

Selene (mother of Sketch, Celestia and Luna ): *steps in room* You know Luna is getting a little lonely

Filly Sketch: she'll find a way

Selene: come out when your ready *closes door*

*6 years later*

12 year old Luna: *giggles and knocks on door and sings* Do you wanna play outside? *balances on bike with one leg while it goes down stairs* Or ride our bike around the hall? *crashes and lands on the back of some armour* I think some company is overdue... *runs around living room* I've started talking to The pictures on the walls *flips over handle of sofa and lands on it then winks and points at picture of Star swirl the beard* Hang in there Star *sings* It gets a little lonely *laying on back looking at grandfather clock* All these empty rooms Just watching the hours tick by *clicks tongue and moves eyes side to side* Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock

*in room later*

13 year old Sketch: *lies on bed*

Solaris (father of Sketch, Celestia and Luna): *brings tea and cakes* You missed dessert so here

13 year old Sketch: put them on the night table..

Solaris: *dos as told* Love you *closes door*

*10 years later*

22 year old Luna: *runs past Sketch's room stops then keeps running*

*in master bedroom*

Selene and Solaris: *packing*

Luna: *hugs them* See you in two weeks

*hours later*

23 year old Sketch: *bows* Do you have to go?

Solaris: It'll be alright

*train station*

Selene and Solaris: *boards*

*late at night*

Train: *hits end of track gate and falls off cliff*


Guards: *pull black tarp over picture of them*

*Next day away from castle*

Ponies: *are gathered*

Celestia and Luna: *stand near tombstones*

*castle hallways*

Luna: *knocks* Sketch? *sings* Please, I know you're in there Know need to hide i anymore Im here for you no matter what happens but just Please let me in We used to be best buddies And now we're not I wish you would tell me why! Do you wanna play outside? *sits near door and cries*

*on the other side of the door*

Sketch: *sits near door and cries*

Hope you enjoyed

Ok first Sketch didn't come outta her room because she found out her parents died when she was a foal. Celestia had ruled her own kingdom after Sketch was adopted so Luna was pretty much on her own :(

Spoiler: The series is about Sketch Heart and her tragic life and her element, fire



Sketch Heart and Selene belongs to:

Celestia and Luna belongs to: Hasbro

Solaris belongs to: Some guy you likes genderbending :/

Look out for Fire book 1 :D