Lord Evimira
Evimira is the lord of Unkidness/Unkidness Sword.She's the dangerest lord of the universe.She has older brothers called Julion and Julia who are kinds like Kamira but they're not the lord of kindness and she hates them so much.

She almost killed all the male lords of this world who boasted,and she has one lord to kill to have complete powers enough to rule the world.She hates kindness,cute things,ponies,Toonies and another nice things,she likes violence,darkness,unfriendship,break hearts,killing boastful lords and,sometimes,the people.


Evimira was called in the past Juliette and she was a close relative to Julion and Julia.She was friends with Kamira.Her past outfit was a pink suit with some yellow diamonds,a cute flower earwear,her hair was blonde and the hairstyle was long with a cute big bow.

But when a dark star falled down in a night,it turned into a dark jewel called the Insanity Unkidness heart.When that jewel comed on Juliette's hand,she gets dark with a dark outfit and sharp claws,a break diamond earwear,sharp teeth and a very dark mess up hair with a bit short hairstyle.Julion and Julia saw this and they got sad.Evimira killed all the boasful male lords of the world,who they had young sisters too,and their sisters cries so much.But she missed a single lord who boasts about his fabulousness,Ghirahim,and she must to kill him to get more powers,enough to rule the world.

Her nameEdit

Her name is comed from Evil and a bit from Kamira and it goes Evimira.


Evimira has so much powers.

  • Dark strong insane scratch. (200% damage)
  • Dark strong punch. (200% damage)
  • Dark strong kick. (200% damage)
  • Dark energy ball. (400% damage)
  • Dark laser. (300% damage)
  • Final power => Insanity Unkind-darkness (999999999% damage)


Name:Evimira (and Juliette,in the past)



Friends:Nazo (from Sonic series)

Enemies:Everyone from the world