So havent been on for a while and i was gonna put an episode up but there was a glitch on the site so yeah

so heres some ideas and tell me if you like them kay? Alrighty

1. Most canon and obvious Sketch and her minoins take over the villiage

Sketch: *stands up on stage* So today my fellow citizens i bring independence on your village!!

Crowd: *applauds and cheers*

Sketch: *steps down from stage and looks at necklace* well looks like mother was right ponies are like dodo birds there stupid and gulable *eyes glow red*

2. Sketch makes her own kingdom

Sketch: *walks towards mountains and stops then sparks horn and rises up and necklace glows red and eyes glows white then a the ground shakes and red pillars rise and form an entrance and red walls form and form each other and towers rise a balcony at the top center tower is formed lastly stairs are made inside and on the outside and Sketch flies down normally* Now thats how its done ok girls?

Trixie and Sunset: *jaws are dropped and are nodding*

3. Sketch becomes even more cruel

Servant: But your highness-

Sketch: I. said. NO!! *stomps powerfully and castle shakes*

Servant: *looks frightened*

Sketch: NOW GET OUT!!!!!!!

Servant: *runs at top speed*

4. Sketch realizes her action and becomes engulfed with dark magic turning her into Cruel Chroma

Sketch: *gaspes and drops mirror* w-hat am i doing? whats happening to me?

Evil: Your finally changing

Sketch: *turns to broken mirror* Who are you?

Evil: Im you only im less kind and more mean

Sketch: You! Your the cause of this i-i need to get some air *runs out to balcony and sees reflection in rail*

Evil: You cant run from me

Sketch: Ah!! *flies to heart of the castle paces while ashes are forming around her* keep it together...Control it...Its not real its not real..Dont feel it d-dont feel it

Evil in Sketch's mind: Im in your head you cant escape

Sketch: *tears run down her face* Stop it please!!

Evil in Sketch's mind: I cant stop you know it

Sketch: *stumbles over*

Evil in Sketch's mind: Remember Luna

Sketch: *shakes and feels weak* STOP IT PLEASE I DONT DESERVE THIS!!

Evil in Sketch's mind: Too.Late

Sketch: *necklace glows and she rises and red ashes surround her* AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *transforms to Cruel Chroma* BWHAHAHAHAHA BWAHAHAHA!!! *falls to ground* HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

5. Sketch withers Luna's heart and Luna turns to an rock statue*

Sketch: *necklace is torn of and dark magic goes away and looks a Luna's statue* No no no no LUNA *runs to Luna* Luna? No. no no no no no no p-please dont dont *sobs* NO!!! LUNA!! Y-YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHING WHY YOU DIDNT DESERVE THIS!!! *throws self on statue* IM SO SORRY!!! *sobs*

so that thanks bye