K-9 bots are commonly reproduced robots  made by lord martinez ment to try to Take Out Liam X and his friends.There is many types of K-9 bots,Some aren't based off dogs but those are still in the serris strangly.This article will give info on all the types of of bots there are.There also some that are not robot but are mutated Dogs.


Wheelie is a K-9 bot that gets there name because they only has one wheel.They resemble Motobug or Stegway from the Sonic games.When Wheelie moves around his mouth opens and closes with sharp metal teeth.They stand 1 yard tall and 3 and a half foot long and There maximum speed is 40 miles per hour.They are modeled after a wolf or a Wolf

Aerial chasersEdit

Aerial chasers are K-9 bots that hover around with a lazer beam attached on them.They are not fast in the air,The highest speed they reach is 17 miles per hour.Not as fast as the others but these are still deadly.