Kamira (2014 design)
Kamira is the Lord of Kindness and the most kindest lord in the world. She has a creator called Dalia, a Demise's opposite. Kamira is a Ghira's little sister. Everyone knows that she can't be a Ghira's little sister because Ghira and Fi are the only Goddess/ demon swords, but Dalia used a potion for Kamira to be Ghira's little sister. She's actually a Kindness Sword whitch it has 10 years old but a 5 year old kindness and mind.  Her powers are lightful and very beautiful. She can fight too, but when she has braveness whatever the Kindness Heart wants to. She can create white swords, ponies and doing the bad animals into kind animals (e.g. a spider into a  
.. My OC's drawing - Kamira .

.. My OC's drawing - Kamira ..



Character's profileEdit

Personality: kindful, adorable, sweet, cheeky, a little brave, shy, smarty. 

Likes: ponies, animals, kindness, her friends, her older brother.

Dislikes: Evis Evillis, get bullied, evil, villains, darkness, get hurt.

Friends: ponies, animals.

Pet: Chima (Feles Kindillis)

Villains: Evis Evillis

Opposite: Evimira (Lord of Unkindness)

Extra: can teleport, can do swords, can summon animals, can turn into a pony, her eyes shows the shyness and cuteness, her cape can disppears into butterflies.


Character by Firefly1 (Anamary the Pikonik in the past)