Kamira's new design
Kamira is the Lord of Kindness/Kindness Sword.She's Ghirahim's ten-year-old younger sister,but she's not evil.She is a My Little Pony FiM biggest fan.

She is in a team called FSK Team with her friends,Fiffy and Sabrina.Everyone things that she's evil like Ghirahim,but that's not true.Kamira can make everything evil to kind.

She was fall off the cliff by Link when he was having revenge with Ghirahim,one year earlier.But the 6 ponies from My Little Pony FiM took her care.After that year,Kamira found her big brother and big sister and they cried of happiness.

She also has special forms and powers.


She was 6-7 years old,but she wasn't a lord of kindness,but she was still a good girl and a sword,also.When a star falled down on a night,the star turns,with pink and white sparkles with diamonds and hearts,into a pink jewel called the Kindness Heart.The jewel comes to Kamira,and the jewel turns into sparkles and goes on her hand and she turns into a Lord of Kindness/Kindness Sword.

Her big brother and big sister saw that,but they're not upset,they're just......amazed but a bit happy.After that,Kamira's age grew up to 10 years,but if she doesn't have a 10 year old mind,she still has lisp saying "Bwother".

Worst enemy Edit

Kamira's worst enemy is Evimira the lord of unkindness and the dangerest lord in the universe.Evimira almost killed all the male lords of the world who boasted and she missed the last lord called Ghirahim.Evimira tries to kill him,but when it gets something annoying,she will not do that if is there is a annoying thing.Kamira wants to defeat Evimira with her special forms and powers,but Evimira is invincible and indestructible and when she gets punched,kicked or something else,she DOESN'T GET HURT AND FEEL NOTHING.

Worst enemy's nameEdit

Hence Evimira's name,she's very very evil and her name is comed from Evil and a bit from Kamira and it goes Evimira.



Age:10 (actually 6-7,in the past)

Lord of:Kindness

Personalities:100% kindful,cute,adorable,loveable,friendly,beautiful,cheeky.

Friends:Toonies,Ponies,Link,Alinka,Graciette,Zelda,Zelfine,Chima (her pet),Julion,Julia.

Enemies:Evimira,Evilowser (the Toonies/Ponies hater).

Likes:kind things

Dislikes:bad weather,hard times,evil things,Evimira.

Relatives:Ghirahim (older brother),Giuloreen (older sister),Serrohim and Redahim (cousins).