Kristijan the hedgehog 2015
Kristijan the Hedgehog is a Mobian hedgehog version of Kristijan Matijević. He is only similiar in appearance with Sonic with blue fur and that his eye color changes from blue to green. He's as fast as the original human version of Kristijan. Originally transformed from human to Mobian by Dr. Robotnik, Kristijan set out on a quest to transform himself back to normal, and at the end he finds out that he only needed to use his powers to transform back to his original self.

Later on, he can commomly use this form to screw with Robotnik or Reščić, with both of them thinking he's Sonic.


He has blue fur with silver striped, green eyes, gray gloves and black shoes with silver stripes. His appearance is similar to Sonic, which results in him tricking Robotnik or Reščić to think he is Sonic.

Difference with old versionEdit

Kristijan the hedgehog 2

The old version of Kristijan the Hedgehog

First of all, a noted difference between the current and old version is their appearance.


Kristijan the Hedgehog (2015 version)Edit

  • blue fur with silver stripes, green eyes (only similar thing with old version), gray gloves and gray shoes with silver stripes

Kristijan the Hedgehog (old version)Edit

  • green fur, green eyes, white gloves and red shoes with white stripes

There is also a noted difference in speed.


Kristijan the Hedgehog (2015 version)Edit

  • warp 9.975 (same as original human Kristijan)
  • warp 15 (both human and 2015 hedgehog Kristijan have shown to occasionally reach this warp speed)

Kristijan the Hedgehog (old version)Edit

  • mach 1 (same as Sonic)
  • mach 25 (on rare occasions)