Lord Malice

The evil Lordkonik

Lord Malice is an evil Lordkonik and a opposite of Lord Anamary. She's a Dark Thunder Lord. She and Anamary are created by Nora the monsterkonik, who she's an evil monsterkonik.

She was a best friend of Ghirahim, but soon, when she fought Anamary, jealous, Ghirahim stopped the fight and left Malice.  

She's a mixture of Ghirahim, Pikachu and Mephilis. 


Nora has created already the Dark Thunder sword, which it was actually Lord Malice. Soon, Nora created the Thunder sword, to see what was the huge difference. Since Anamary is a Thunder Lord, it learnt that the huge difference is Anamary is a good lord, and Malice is an evil lord.

Lord MaliceEdit

Personality: Evil, heartless, sightly insane, lonely.

Likes: Being friends with Ghirahim

Dislikes: Being lonely, Anamary winning.

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Friends: (unknown)

Enemies: Anamary, Surprise.