Pony Adventures: Helping Arctic Comet is the second Pony Adventures story in the series. If there's something wrong in this story, please comment in the latest story.


When Arctic Comet got lost when she found a portal, It's up to Akantha Bloom and Sereni Tea to find her.


*In Arctic's House*

Arctic: Where is it?! Where's thebook?! *digging sounds* Aha! There it is! *sees portal* What is that? *goes near the portal* Is that a- AHHHHH!!!!!!!!

*outside Arctic's house*

Akantha: *knocks the door* Arctic! Come out! We need to return the books to Twilight!

Sereni: *Through the megaphone* Arctic!!!! Come out now!!!!!!!

Akantha: Be quiet! You know its one of the days that Ponyville goes quiet!

Sereni: Sorry.....

Akantha: *opens door* Arctic? Wow... This is a very messy place.

Sereni: Let's go dive in this pile to find Arctic.

Akantha: Me? Go in this pile? No way!

Sereni: *pulls Akantha* Come on Akantha.

Akantha: Ugh...

*the two of them dive in the pile*

Both of them: Arctic!!!!!!

Sereni: *sees portal* Akantha! Check this out!

Akantha: Cool! A portal! *thinks* Maybe this is why Arctic wasn't here!

Sereni: C'mon!

*in the portal*

Akantha: This is-

Sereni: Sugar Rush.....

Arctic: *from the distance* Hey Guys!!!!!

Akantha and Sereni: Arctic?!

Arctic: Yeah! Its me!!!! *nom nom* This cotton candy taste good!

Sereni: Lets go!

Arctic: But-

Both of them: NOW!

Arctic: Fine.....

*All of them go back in the portal*

All: Yeah!

Twilight: Girls?

All but Twilight: Twilight?!

Twilight: I came here to return the books you girls borrowed.

All: Here!

Twilight: Everypony is at the Sugarcube Corner, Want to come with me?

All: Sure!

*story ends*

Akantha Bloom and Arctic Comet- Rainbowzkie (Thanks!)

Sereni Tea- HarvestGirl28

Twilight Sparkle- Hasbro and MLP: FIM

Sugar Rush- I don't know!