Pony Adventures: Summer or Winter? is the third Pony Adventures story in the series. If there's something wrong in this story, please comment in the latest story.


Summer Hearts and Fancy Writer tries to figure out why it's summer while its supposed to be winter.

Sub-plot Edit

Twirly Magic mistakenly made the wrong magic spell with Sereni Tea that switched their bodies! Can Twirly handle a tea shop in Friday? and Can Sereni perform magic in front of everypony? Find out!


*In Summer's house*

Summer: *yawns* Good Morning Fancy!

Fancy: Uh.... Summer?

Summer: What?

Fancy: Today is...

Summer: Jan. 3

Fancy: Is it Summer or Winter?

Summer: Winter.

Fancy: Why is it Summer when it's supposed to be Winter?

Summer: What? *looks at the window* Huh?

*Twirly's House*

Twirly: *looks at the book* Where's the spell?!

Sereni: *drinks soda* Spell for what?

Twirly: The Disappearing Spell!!!

Sereni: I thought that you know that spell

Twirly: No I don't!!!!

Sereni: O-ok..

Twirly: Here it is! The spell! Give me my wand!

Sereni: *reading* Here. *gives wand*

*wand glows*

Twirly and Sereni: Huh?

*Summer's house*

Summer: Why is it summer?

Fancy: *reads* ...... Found it!

Summer: Found what?

Fancy: *reading* Some ponies say that there's a legend about this season change. I can't find a reason why!

Summer: I thought that your smart. *thinks*

Fancy: *hits Summer*

Summer: Ouch!

Fancy: Just shut up.

*Twirly's house*

Twirly: What happened? *sees that she's dark blue* What?

Sereni: Why can I see myself?

Twirly: Don't know. Why I can?!

Sereni: Wha-

Both of them: *sees that they switched bodies* *screams*

*to be continued*

Sereni Tea, Fancy Writer and Twirly Magic- HarvestGirl28

Summer Hearts- GoldSpark ( Thanks! )

Part 2Edit

  • previously*

Fancy: Why is it summer when it's supposed to be winter?

Sereni: Why can I see myself?

Twirly: Don't know. Why I can?!

Both of them: *screams*

  • Summer's house*

Summer: We have to fix this!

Fancy: But how?

Summer: Hmmm....

Fancy: By.... going to the ice cream parlor and think there?

Summer: That's a good idea!

  • Twirly's house*

Sereni: *in Twirly's body* We switched bodies!!!!!

Fancy: *in Sereni's body* There's something wrong with the spell! *reads spell book* There's some dust in this page. *removes dust* Oh no!

Sereni: *in Twirly's body* What What!

Twirly: *in Sereni's body* It's a body.. changing.. spell..

Sereni: *in Twirly's body* What?!

  • in the ice cream parlor*

Fancy: *eats ice cream* So, It has something wrong with the weather in Cloudsdale.

Summer: Yeah! They make the weather every day!

Fancy: We have to go there!

Summer: We can't! We're not allowed to go there!

Fancy: My mom works there! We can say that I'm related to her!

Summer: What are you waiting for?

Fancy: Eating my ice cream. You have to finish yours.

Summer: Oh right!

  • Part 2 ends*