Darkira (2014 version)
Darkira is the only Dark Princess of the world. She is a half woman, half cat with very sharp claws, teeths and scars. She is the princess of Darkestria, a kingdom of Lordia lordom. She can turn into more felines (e.g. cat, tiger, cheetah). She was a real human in the past, but because of an accident with a dark cat scratching her eye and arm, she became dark and she killed his own boyfriend and leaved her family. She's the opposite of the light and she hates the light, because she has the element of dark. She's the main character of Claws and Diamonds series tougether with her new boyfriend, Ghira from L.o.Z. Skyward Sword.

Character's profileEdit

Personality: sightly insane, rude, royal, brave, a bit dangerous (when she gets hurt by someone, the hurts may be mortal).

Name: Darkira Samantha Darkithy (in the past, Maria Samantha Marithy)

Likes: the dark, her kingdom, her palace, her boyfriend.

Dislikes: when she gets annoyied

Hates: the light, when she get hurt, when someone messes with her boyfriend.

Crush: Lord Ghira. 

Extra: she has claws, she can hiss, she can growl, she can meow, she can fall on legs, she has paws, she has a scar on her eye and arm, she can turb into her dark feline form, she can turn into different felines.


You're not a man, you're a mouse!


Oh, my Ghirasweet! 

Nobody mess with the Dark Princess!

The light!!! It burns!!!

Dark Princess, you good-at-nothing!! Call me Dark Princess!!