Princess Darkira is the princess of darkness who can turns into some species of felines.She has claws which

This is Darkira with her lover,Ghirahim.It means they have a ship called DarkiraHim

can scratch.Like a cat,she has cat eyes which in day,they are thin and in the night they are big.But she has only one normal cat eye,but the second one has a scar.She has a twin brother called Prince Darkle.She and her brother lives on Darkestria kingdom.

Her nameEdit

Her name goes from Dark.

Her loverEdit

She also has a lord boyfriend,even she's not a lord too.Her lover is Ghirahim from LoZ:Skyward Sword.She doesn't care that he's a Lord and he's a worst villain and boastful.They falled in love when accidentally Captain Firework made Forever Love Firework on them.

It means will come a movie/game called Claws and Diamonds thinked by Anamary Pikara Liliathy.

Princess DarkiraEdit

Name: Darkira Samantha Darkithy

Age: (unknown)

Personality: evil,catlike,a bit heartless.

Likes: dark magic,Ghirahim (crush).

Dislikes: Prince Darkle,Lord Giuloreen,getting annoyied.

Powers: teleport,getting claws,turining dark and insane,running faster,roaring like a lion,turning inyo some species of felines.

Relatives: Princes Darkle (twin brother),Firian (cousin)

FriendsKamira,Ghirahim,Alma,Princess Chloe.

EnemiesEvimira,Zelda,Link,Alinka,Lord Giuloreen,Prince Darkle,Firian.

Crush: Ghirahim