Raviolleta is Alinka's opposite, because she's the angry nature and Alinka is the calm nature. She's the queen of the violet nature and she lives in Merule together with Hilfen, the wizard-prince of the sunset. Raviolleta might get angry easly, but she's loveable and sweet. Raviolleta has a twin brother, who lives in Lorule and he's shifty, stingy and cowardly, yep, that's Ravio. Raviolleta was hating so much her twin brother, because to her brother, the rupees are important than the life. She never shares to her brother, because she always says her brother never deserves it. Raviolleta is one of Alinka's BFF. She doesn't have more friends anymore, because of her brother and that's why she hates her brother so much. Raviolleta has a sidekick called Sheea, which is a mixture of Sheerow and a wild feline, but with wings. Raviolleta has a cute bunny rabbit mask, which it means she's not always angry, she's sweet, loveable and outgoing! She's from Alinka between miracles.

About RaviolletaEdit

Name: Raviolleta

Her pet/ sidekick

Nicknames: Ravia, Ravi', 'Via.

Age: 17

Occupation: The Queen of Violet Nature

Good Personalities: Sweet, loveable, outgoing, friendly, helpful, adorable, nice

Bad personaities: Angry (sometimes)

Relatives: Ravio (twin brother)

Pet/ sidekick: Sheea

Likes: The love, sharing to her friends, the generousity

Dislikes: Her brother, sharing to her brother, spiders

Hobbies: Singing (in French and in English), drawing


I'm Raviolleta, the Queen of Violet Nature!

Why is my brother like THAT?! 

The life and the love are more important than the money/ rupees.

(Robotnic voice) MY BROTHER ISN'T NORMAL!!!

(Robotnic voice) I HATE HIM!!!

I-I-I didn't do anything bad...