SCP 11111 is a game that can be played on Xbox 360,Xbox one,wii,game boy,3ds and/or ds.The game is about a boy named Liam X that is on another adventure where him,Skippy and other some scps go and destroy Scps that has escaped from the lab though it is possible that this breakout was not a accident.You must travel threw several words to fight SCPS and destroy them before they destroy the world.Scp 11111 is kinda like sonic colors as the main protagonist uses other orgainisims for combat.Since the game itself is a SCP it will affect the user.Who ever plays this game will become happy and energetic though some may have a heart attack.Edit











Bosses Edit

the plauge doctor

the sculpture

heart of darkness

the burning man

hard to destroy reptile

Scp power ups Edit

The living gun The living gun is the weapon in the game that replaces Liam X's common gun you see him with.Killing the tooth fariey enemies gives it more amonition

The tickle monster This is the one that acts as a health booster and shield.His sprite looks like the jelly enemey from altered beastiality

A never ending pizza box The scp that rebost stamina.

gender switcher This one will take away health but ounce Liam X is a female,he/she can be more swift and has a higer staminia and can get through tighter spaces (press the circle button to slide XDDD) Though Liam X/linda X will be now be antagonized by the manquien scp.