Sally Acorn 3D SW

Sally Acorn is a 13-year old squirrel/chipmunk who has an active role as the second hero by Kristijan's side, right after Panda. She is also Kristijan's second love interest who is rather more active than Kate in that role. As Reščić is Kristijan's ultimate nemesis, she also helps him defeat Reščić.


Sally is an active fighter on the Anti-Reščić team along with Panda and Kristijan. She is Kristijan's more common love interest than Kate, who sometimes takes that role. She almost ended up being stealed by Reščić three times, but wasn't at the end. She likes her friends, especially Kristijan, her love interest and Kate, her best friend. She has a portable computer named NICOLE. She's frequently featured a lot.


  • Kristijan
  • Her friends
  • Her active role as a supporting fighter
  • Adventures
  • Spending time with Kristijan


  • Reščić
  • Bad things
  • When not being able to help/fight


  • 'Hi,Kristijan!'
  • 'Oh,please!'
  • 'This isn't something to celebrate.',when something is wrong
  • 'Let's go!'
    Sally Acorn's theme song-Bulletproof

    Sally Acorn's theme song-Bulletproof

    Sally's theme song