Shirley the loon (2)
Shirley the Loon is Kristijan's second pet and loyal helper that came from Pocketville. During Kristijan's fear of bullies, Liam suggested her. After the Friendship Ceremony was completed, somewhere in Zagreb she was badly injured and turned human due to a chemical spill.Later,Kristijan creates some kind of potion that accidentally brings her back to normal. After a few weeks, her hair and feathers had grown back and she helped Kristijan conquer his fear of bullies, to which he is very thankful.


Shirley is kind,caring and compassionate.She is capable of telekinetic powers,channeling someone's mind, levitating, palm reading, fortune telling, calling out her aura etc. Shirley's aura can get out of her body to punch a person who is really annoying her,then it returns back into her body. She's our New Age Space Cadet and also not your average. She can sense vibes that can be good or hostile. When they're hostile, she warns everyone of what the danger is.


  • Helping her owner,Kristijan
  • Her friends
  • Good
  • Her capabilities


  • Reščić
  • Trouble,or hostile vibes
  • Bullies
  • When something is really wrong


Kristijan MatijevićEdit

Kristijan likes Shirley because she helped him get rid of her fear of bullies.He also helped her when she was badly injured due to a chemical spill. She helps Kristijan a lot by sensing hostile vibes,to which Kristijan reacts by telling the others to prepare themselves.


Panda and Shirley are best friends. They,like him and Magic, love to play with each other. Panda also reacts upon the sense of hostile vibes.But they help each other and Kristijan when it's difficult.Panda likes Shirley's astrological elegancy.

Liam XEdit

Liam X was the one who suggested Shirley during Kristijan's fear of bullies. She's friends with Liam and they laugh at really funny jokes Liam can sometimes tell.


'Like,something she says,or some junk.'

'Like, ohm, or some junk.'


'Mondo negatory!'

'I'm sensing some hostile vibes!!!'