Skippy is Liam X's best friend/loyal side kick.They have been friends for years.It all started when Skippy was just a kitten and Liam X was a young boy like 6 or 7,Unlike the others,He followed Liam X evreywhere and Liam X begin too like Skippy so Liam X then in the future made a translater for him and now they are 2 energetic boys destroying K-9 bots,giving terroist terror and battling Slenderman...Thats right the 2 pick fights with  Slender man,they are that F!@#ing crazy and heroic.Skippy has also shown to have a dark powerfull side where when he gets angry or threaten he gets more stronger.he uses this to protect himself or his comrads.however,There is a flaw to this.When he becomes like this,he can get a little carried away with his protetive instinct so he tends to occasily tries and atackk random bistanders.


Skippy is a grey tabby cat that has a pure heart and is free spirit type of feline.He has been shown to have a little aditude. He is a bit like a dog,Loves to play fetch and is real protective to his friends.This might ending up in his hulk mode thingy...Yeah...Don't have a name for it :P. Anyways,Since he is a common adventurer along with Liam X,Ezzy X,Kristijan and Panda,they have always made new friends and new enimes.Skippy is a real nice and heroic person that has a Monster inside him which makes Skillet "monster" song fit perfecly with him.Ava fell in Love with Skippy and soon Skippy has shown to have the same fellings for her.He is also a best friend with Kristijan's pet,Panda.Those two play in their free time when their owners are busy.


Disgusing as a dog and entering dog only contest

Playing video games

destroying K-9s and demonss


making jokes about his enemys

Liam X and his friends

the now comrad Hyenas