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Snowbound is a Liyena.A mixture between a Lion and a Hyena.He is like Liam X's animal version since Snowbound's main power is ice.Snowbound whould be the SSSST pony equal to Spike.Snowbound is 13 and a half years old and stands about 3 feet tall.He likes to chase around stray dogs,Eat pizza and apple juice.Unlike his human counterpart,He runs about 43 miles per hour while Liam X can only run 15 miles per hour.Snowbound has the face,legs and ears of a hyena,the mane,body and tail of a Lion.His color sceme is Blue,black and white.


  • Personality: Pure of heart and a smartguy additude to his enemys.
  • Likes: Pizza,fruit,apple juice,Speed,chasing dogs and destroying things,happines
  • DisLikes: Vegtabales,demons,Fire and a bright sunny day.
  • Friends: All of the sssst ponies except for summer hearts
  • Enemys/rivals:Summer hearts,Big brian's oc,
  • Skills: Spin dash,Biting,Speed
  • Love intrest: Star sketch

History Edit

Snowbounds theme

Snowbounds theme. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Brand New Day

Snowbound was a Young and fast Lion/hyena hybrid that was born at a zoo way ogre to the Human territorys.They knew something was special when they saw his "Birthmark" located on his fore head.He whould roll around in the Liyena exhipit but whould constally get out.When things slowly got worse with his behavior they ended up having to "put him down" but he escaped after hearing the news.


  • His strange colors of shades of blue and white was caused by the capture of the rainbow factory.
  • Simalar to sonic he can roll into a ball and roll around at fast speed though this is actually based off the Droideka
  • He is feared by many due to the fact he has been seen eating horses.
  • Snowbound was born at a man made zoo the horses believed humans where just a legend.
  • Only a few horses did not fear him in his previous town