Star Flower (by To0nAlinka)
Star Flower is a Fanon unicorn who lives in Ponyville.

Cutie Mark (+ turning into a unicorn)Edit

She was an earth pony in the past.Star didn't use magic because she doesn't had a horn. Her wish was to be an unicorn, but she thought that her wishwon't come true.

She was going for a walk day,then she found a star on a pink and purple flower.The flower turned into a flower with a form like a star.The flower made magic sparkles around Star and she got her horn,and now she's turned into a unicorn. Not only

that, but she alsogot her cutie mark

Star Flower's Cutie Mark

Star FlowerEdit

Personality: lovely, funny, beautiful, kind, cheeky.

Likes: magic, happiness, her friends, flowers, stars.

Dislikes: dark magic.

Friends: Twirly Magic , Summer Hearts , Akantha Bloom , Sereni Tea .

Enemies: (unknown)

Favourite color: pink, purple.

~ Note ~

  • The pony was created on Pony Creator v3 on DeviantArt, pony by To0nAlinka.
  • The Star Flower profile planed by To0nAlinka
  • The Cutie Mark planed by me and To0nAlinka