• in the house*
Cool whip 1

Star: *sits on couch*

Liam: Hey Star

Star: Oh Liam hey. Hey listen I hope your feeling alright about our little talk the other day, you know about us being friends and all.

Liam: Oh uh yeah no im fine im fine and hey I want to thank you for being so great to me so I baked you a pie *gives tray with pie, spare plate and a bowl of cool whip*

Star: Oh wow hey that looks delicious *takes slice puts on spare plate and eats it* mmm wow this is good whats in there?

Liam: well theres some apples and some cinnamon and-and my hair

Star: What?

Liam: My hair's in the pie Star Sketch and now its inside of you part of me is inside of you Star. Do you feel me Star do you feel me inside of you *smirks and walks off*

Summer: *walks in* Oooh you got some pie eh? Can I have a piece?

Star: Uh sure *gives slice she was eating*

Summer: Ooh and let me have some of that coo whip

Star: what you say?

Summer: You cant have a pie without coo whip

Star: *gives bowl* Coo whip?

Summer: Coo whip yeah

Star: you mean cool whip

Summer: Yeah coo whip

Star: Cool whip

Summer: Coo whip

Star: Cool whip

Summer: Coo whip

Star: Your saying it weird why are you putting so much emphasize on the "H"?

Summer: What are you talking about im just saying it Coo whip you put coo whip on pie. Pie taste better with coo whip

Star: Say whip

Summer: whip

Star: Now say cool whip

Summer: Coo whip

Star: cool whip

Summer: Coo whip

Star: Cool whip!

Summer: Coo whip

Star: Your eating hair!!!



No the "lets be friends cause its over" thing is canon I just wanted to do it so make you own shorts and hope you enjoyed and

Thx for reading now :D ;) <3