My first mlp base by lola4232-d6xflan

*in the mountains solider music plays*

Brighty: *is wearing goggles on her neck*

Thunder: *is wearing goggles on her eyes and stretches out Brighty's wings*

Brighty: *looks at wings*

Thunder: *brings Brighty's head to face straight and pushes up her chin then inspects her tail and shifts it up hardly*

Brighty: oooh!

Thunder: *looks at her carefully and notices her goggles and pulls then up and out and lets go*

Brighty: *slap!* *looks awkwardly at Thunder Blitz*

*They go up on highest mountain in Equestria*

Thunder: *looks down and pushes Brighty*

Brighty: WHOA!!! *falls at great height* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh......

Thunder: *looks down then notices shes not flapping her wings* *SPLASH!!!!* looks away for a second and looks down and sees she fell in a pond* whoops.....


You can make your own shorts too but for now hope you enjoyed and...

Thx for reading now :D ;) <3