Eqg base 1 pouty staring contest by chilly bases-d6jitv2
  • In the human world*

Sketch: *playing video game at school in the hallway*

Ochie: Can i try?

Sketch: no

Ochie: please

Sketch: No

Ochie: please

Sketch: NO

Ochie: please

Sketch: NO!

Ochie: I beg you

Sketch: NO!!

Ochie: should i tell you of last nights dreams? dark forms came to me speaking unquestionable montrosty 

  • places turn dark and red ooze leaks everywhere*
  • turns back to normal*

Sketch: *puts game on floor and gets up* STOP WITH THE DREAMS! You can try it! *walks away*

Ochie: *puts paw on button* Tragic irony, No thumbs


You can make your own shorts too but for now hope you enjoyed and...

Thx for reading now :D ;) <3