The show is one of the awsome and beautiful shows which is called Kindness Sword:Lord of Kindness with our favourite protagonist and a Anamary the Pikonik 's Zelda OC,Kamira.Kamira is the Lord of Kindness and the Kindess Sword on this show.The antagonist of the show and a ,Anamary the Pikonik's OC, is Evimira,the Lord of Unkidness and Insanity.

Kamira's HistoryEdit

She was 6-7 years old,but she wasn't a lord of kindness,but she was still a good girl and a sword,also.When a star
Kamira's new design
falled down on a night,the star turns,with pink and white sparkles with diamonds and hearts,into a pink jewel called the Kindness Heart.The jewel comes to Kamira,and the jewel turns into sparkles and goes on her hand and she turns into a Lord of Kindness/Kindness Sword.

Her big brother and big sister saw that,but they're not upset,they're just......amazed but a bit happy.After that,Kamira's age grew up to 10 years,but if she doesn't have a 10 year old mind,she still has lisp saying "Bwother".

This happening was in the first episode of the Kindness Sword:Lord of Kindness.

Evimira's HistoryEdit

Evimira was called in the past Juliette and she was a close relative to Julion and Julia.She was friends with Kamira.Her past outfit was a pink suit with some yellow diamonds,a cute flower earwear,her hair was blonde and
Lord Evimira
the hairstyle was long with a cute big bow.

But when a dark star falled down in a night,it turned into a dark jewel called the Insanity Unkidness heart.When that jewel comed on Juliette's hand,she gets dark with a dark outfit and sharp claws,a break diamond earwear,sharp teeth and a very dark mess up hair with a bit short hairstyle.Julion and Julia saw this and they got sad.Evimira killed all the boasful male lords of the world,who they had young sisters too,and their sisters cries so much.But she missed a single lord who boasts about his fabulousness,Ghirahim,and she must to kill him to get more powers,enough to rule the world.

This happening was in the second episode of the Kindness Sword:Lord of Kindness.


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