The Fantasy of Zelfine
'The Fantasy of Zelfine was past named Legend of Alinka, but because of an error, we changed the series' name. Similar as The Legend of Zelda, these characters from F.o.Z. looks like some gender-bends of L.o.Z's characters, but some are relatives of them. The hero of these series is Alinka the nature fighter who is brave. Outside she's like Link but inside she's lovely, sweet and loyal. Like in the title's name, there's a sunshine wizard prince called Zelfine who is crazy but friendly, smarty and loyal. He gets kidnapped by some villains, especially a witch called Gianandorf, similar as Ganondorf, but thinny, younger and beautiful outside, but ugly inside.

Here are some series that F.o.Z. made them:

  • Skynature Sword
  • Pretty Waker
  • Trifairy of braveness (a third part of Skynature Sword)
  • Lil' miss Giuly (a second part of Skynature Sword)
  • Zelfine Time!
  • Cats for the peace
  • Four Pretties Adventure
  • Minish Pretty
  • To the rescue of Alinka (a second part of Pretty Waker)
  • The Dark Prince (a fourth part of Skynature Sword)

​More series coming soon!

Descriptions for each serieEdit

Coming Soon!