There are 5 friends who hold their friendship together. But when the youngest of them all found a special book that need to be unlocked by a secret book that's hidden in the old castle that they need a special key to open it.

Main CharactersEdit

Julie - The oldest of the five friends. Pretty crabby but nice.

Tammy - The second oldest of the group. Very quiet all the time.

Holly - The middle oldest of the group. The oldest sister of Pinky.

Pinky - The second youngest of the group. The younger sister of Holly.

Eliza - The youngest of the group. The finder of the special book.

Secondary CharactersEdit

Samantha - The old BFF of Tammy. Bit artistic at times.

Sofia - The BFF of Samantha. One year younger that the 5 friends and Samantha.

Twirly - Based on Twirly Magic. She traveled from her hometown to here to study and do magic.

Ashley - More like the opposite of Twirly. Instedd of magic tricks, she does witchy magic.

Julia - The long lost twin sister of Julie. Unlike her, she's kind and not complaining. She appears on Episode 5.

" Princess " Sunny - She thinks that she's from royalty.

Principal Elena - The principal of the school.

Ms. Light - A teacher. Tries to blame Julie on her studies.