Episode SummaryEdit

The 5 friends find the special book


*in the 5 friends' house*

Pinky: Give it!!

Holly: Never!

Pinky: Two words: Give It!!!!!

Holly: Not until you give mine back!!!!!

Pinky and Holly: *shouting*

Julie: *reading* History... blah blah blah.... Geography... blah blah blah *hears shouting* BE QUIET YOU TWO!!!

Pinky, Holly and Julie: *shouting*

Eliza: *reading* Uhhh..... *thinking* I hope I can master this. After that, I can go to the cafe and get some hot chocolate and- *shouting* CAN YOU THREE STOP IT?!?!

Tammy: Let me handle this. Please, stop this and continue your studies. We have at least 2 days until test day. Julie, stop being part of arguments you're not part of it. Holly and Pinky, What are you two arguing about?

Pinky: She stole my pen, my favorite pen!

Holly: No! You stole my pen first!!

Tammy: Ok. Start studying.

Everyone: Yes Ma'am!

Tammy: Good!

*book drops to Eliza's head*

Eliza: Ouch! *looks at the book* What kind of book is this?

Everyone: Huh?

*Episode ends