The Title's name is from a song called Fluttershy's Lament. This is a good song!


*in the school hallway*

Tammy: *singing* I'm the world champ you know, and betcha can beat me.

*Tammy bumps someone*

Tammy: Ouch! Watch where your going!

Person: Sorry....

Tammy: Wait! I know you! You're Samantha! My old classmate!

Samantha: Hey Tammy! It's a long time since elementary! Why are you here?

Tammy: I stayed here! Why are you doing here?

Samantha: After I moved, I transfered in an another school from Grade 2 to Grade 8. I thought your parents said that your transfered.

Tammy: They changed their minds anyway.

Samantha: Oh. What was that song you're singing?

Tammy: Oh! It's called Fluttershy's Lament.

Samantha: Fluttershy's What?

Tammy: *sighs* Fluttershy's Lament.

Samantha: Fluttershy's What?

*30 boring minutes later*

Voice: This commercial is brought you by the letter B! For Boring!

Tammy: Ahhhh!!!!!! I can't stand it!

*bell rings*

Tammy: Thanks for wasting my time.

Samantha: I got it! Fluttershy's Lament!

Tammy: *off-screen* *screams*

Thank you