Kill this bastard

The drake is a crimelord and vicious person.More worse than all of the versions of the joker compined.He has taken over 7 cities with the help of all his gangsters.In the offical the drake seen in hobo with a shotgun,he betrayed his own younger brother and son by killing them.In liam x's fanon he is simply a crime lord that still has the same personaility as the offical one but likes both of his sons and wan'ts them to be the greatest crime lords ever.Ounce they where both killed he raged and went on a feline soilder masacar until he was shot pierced with a plazma claw by surprise the cybernik. he owned his own arcade,a manshion,slutty skanky woman as his blod thirsty maids(I guess there vampres juging by scenes in the movie).

Puppy in my pocket Edit

he has not officaly been in any puppy in my pocket things (though hyena117 did hear about the movie,charecter after he saw puppy in my pocket and was gonna have a simalr situation happen between surprise and the drake but insted with kate) The drake though has amajor part in Liam X's,ski[py's and ezzy X's backstory as it was him that orded the raid on perries.He was killed By liam x along with the hep Ezzy X.

Liam x the serres Edit

The drake in Liam X the serries was a person who was taking over 7 cities (contibuting to bungies favroite number)Making the Feline's stop him,Drake also sided with the k-9s for there powerfull chieftans.he lost his arcade,manshion,sons,sluts,and mllions of his armies of gangsters and desprate parents to the felines.Making his death wish "kill them all until I die" in the game,that he appeas in shows that it was his fault surprise became a cybernik so she killed him for revenge (even though the player might most likley get a cutscene where is killed by someone else but he is offcaly killed by surprise.Liam X was gonna kill hm but the closest he goten was his escape pod getting hit by a rocket that was launched by liam x but he survied only to be get ambushed in a desserted area by felines.