*plays pinkie's theme its about time and shows words Choclate smootie prouductions presents...*

Goldsprk: Heck to the hey



Alicup: *is dressed like Cat* Cant believe im doing this

Ana: I'll pay you fifty bucks

Alicup: Deal!! *takes money*

Ochie: since i am i fine member of this group MOUSE!!! *looks left for 5 seconds then turns back* i'd like some cash

Rbzkie: Like you need cash what would you buy fish?

Ochie: oh maybe

*imaginationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn* Alicup: This again

Ochie: *swimming in fish and its raining fish and everywhere is made of fish*

Voice: Oh yeah fish sweet fish nothing better than fish

*realityyyyyyyy* Alicup: Oh COME ON!!

Ochie: *is pretending to swim*

Everyone: ..............

Srprise1: Anyway wheres Goldsprk?

Ana: she went to get some grub guess she's in traffic

*Meanwhile at the sporting event oops wrong show i meant downtown*

Goldsprk: UGH STUPID TRAFFIC *honks horn* wheres it even coming from *looks out window and sees Granny Smith crossing street super slow* HURRY UP THIS ONION RINGS CANT STAY WARM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

*back at home*

Ana: but im sure shes find

Pacifica: *opens door* Hola amigos

Rbzkie: Hey pacifica

Srprise1: How would you like to wear a mermaid tail *shows mermaid tail*

Pacifica: nah mermaids are soo last week Fairies and dragons are in now

Ana: Oh well you don have too and- BAG HER AND RUN!!!!

Everyone: *grabs Pacifica and bags her*

*few minutes later*

Pacifica: *is wearing mermaid tail* awww now i look like a loser

Ana: *gets on Pacifica* time for something call Pay Back Giddyup!!

Pacifica: No way!!

Ana: *gets out megaphone* GIDDDDDDDYUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pacifica: Fine!! *inches like worm*

Alicup: well all dares are done if you liked this episode comment dont forget to give us dares the more dares you give the longer the episodes and if you read everything say Sky mail in the comments biii

*back downtown*

Goldsprk: *is at the stop light* Yes just flash green and im home free!!!

*Marching band that stretches from up town to down town cross street*

Goldsprk: The universe just loves proving me wrong *sighs and throws head on steering wheel causing it to honk loud and long*

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