• plays pinkie's theme its about time and shows words Choclate smoothie prouductions presents...*

Goldspark: Heck to the hey

The Wiki crew

Alicup: Hello everyone and here is the first episode of The wiki crew ... im one of its memebers and um yeah

Ana: *is wearing mermaid tail* do i really have to wear this 

Alicup: well we dared you so you did it

Ana: I did what eh you strap me down and put it on me

Alicup: Eh who cares i know i don't

Goldspark: Uh hey guys whats oh um*sees Ana* Hot outfit....

Ana: yeah i know so uh wheres Rainbowzkie?

Goldspark: oh see went to get a new due

Alicup: a new due why?

Goldspark: Think its because someone dared her to do it or something

  • door opens and Rbzkie steps in*

Goldsprk: Woah

Alicup: Omigosh

Ana: DUDE!!!

Rbzkie: Hey guys *hair is tail spikey and blue*

Ana: You dyed your hair? WHY?!

Rainbowzkie: Cause you said you wish i was Sonic

Ana: Dude i never said that

Rainbowzkie: Oh really

  • flashbackkkkkkkk* Alicup: who said that?

Ana and Rainbowzkie: *are playing Mario and Sonic olympics*

Ana: Rainbowzkie?

Rainbowzkie: yeah

Ana: be like sonic and get me a soda from the fridge fast

Rainbowzkie: okay? *walks to fridge*

  • realityyyyyyyy* Alicup: Seriously who said that?

Ana: didnt mean litterally

Rainbowzkie: well whats done is done

Goldspark: hey wheres Surprise1?

Surprise1: AHHHHHH!!!! *falls into studio*

Everybody: ...........................

Goldspark: found her...

Rainbowzkie: da heck happen to you

Surprise1: One minute im updating some stuff on social media then next i wake up being shot outta cannon

  • knock knock*

Ana; could you get i would but with this thing on a can barely walk

Alicup: *rolls eyes and opens door*

Pacifica: Hi

Alicup: *slams door* Pacifica!!!!

Surprise1: girl next door Pacifica?

Alicup: Yes!!! What we do?

Rainbowzkie: let her in

Ochie: yep, kid always gives me a belly rub mhmm

(Ochie is my female pet kitten i got a few weeks back AWESOME right?)

Alicup: Fine but i warned you all *opens door*

Pacifica: I'll ignore the fact that you slamed the door in my face *walks in*

Ana: hi there

Pacifica: Yay you got me a pet mermaid!!!! *gets on Ana* Giddyup!!

Ana: Excuse me?

Pacifica: GIDDDDDDDYUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ana: Ok ok ok *inches like a worm*

Goldsprk: Ok am i the only one seeing this?

Rainbowzkie: Hey surprise pass me my i pod

Surprise1: ok *gives it to her* Hair you go buddy Get it hahahaha!!!


Ochie: LAME!!!!

Alicup: ok how bout we end this weird episode *turns off camera*

Pacifica: What am i suppose to say again?

Goldspark: your testing them

Pacifica: Oh um your testing them

Goldspark: no no ugh just say the lines

Pacifica: K if you read all of this say Generosity in the comments cause the song Acoutistic and Mando made is awesome leave some dares in the comments and um we'll see you soon *turns off camera

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