Kristijan matijevic 2
Toon Kristijan is the version of Kristijan from an alternate universe, where in some unknown accident, the universe turned toony, which meant that everyone on Earth became toons, including humans and Kristijan was one of them. Toon Kristijan has the same personality as Kristijan, but his timeline is different than his. He also owns USS Voyager.

History (pre-toony transformation)Edit

Toon Kristijan before the accident was looking normal like the prime Kristijan, and everything was like in the prime universe.

The accidentEdit

Pre-toon Kristijan and his friends were travelling on Voyager when everything shook out of nothing. Voyager came closer to the source, but when it reached the source, the source exploded and the entire universe flashed. After the flash was gone, the entire universe was toon-like, even Kristijan and his friends. But, after the flash, Shirley, Ezzy, Kate and Skippy had dissappeared. Reščić was also erased from the timeline after the accident. After a while, only Shirley was found. She was orignally a toon and still is, only her design is different.


His likes are unknown, but probably are the same as the prime Kristijan's likes.