Twirly Magic, The only pegasus pony to perform magic

Twirly Magic is a fanon pegasus pony magician in her town.


When she was a filly in Cloudsdale, she always saw magic when she travels in Ponyville. She wanted to be a magician to, but when she told this to her friends, they just said that her dream will never come true. She went to her room saying that they are right and started to cry but when her mom said that they had to move to Ponyville because there was a huge fire near their home. She quickly agreed to, and they move in their slightly big house and when she come home from school, she tripped on something. It was a big magic kit and kept it. When she went to her room, she tried to do magic again and again she mastered magic!  When she performed in the town square, she was scared, but after the performance, all of the ponies cheered for her! And her cutie mark appeared. And now she performed every day. And being the only pegasus magician in Ponyville.

By: HarvestGirl28