Liam X was a great friend to the SSSST ponies.They always hanged out and watched each others backs

They are all happy with out him

 but Liam X was never invited to there special ocassions and soon,Things was acting weird.They stopped coming by Liam X and Skippy's house,Liam X or Skippy was never marked as a friend on anything and The SSSST ponies forgot who he was.

Liam X: woah whats that!? *gets a closer look*

"SSSST ponies party,All bronies and Friends allowed...We have Pizza,apple juice,gaterade and of corrs CAKE!"
Halo Reach We Remember Extended Version

Halo Reach We Remember Extended Version

Liam X:AWSOME!!! Best time to hang out with my friends!

Skippy: Lets go! *curls up into a ball and dashes to the building*

Liam X: *Runs over to the building*

Feral: *groals and blocks there path* Stop! yoou 2 are not on the list.

Liam X: What The...It says "all bronies and friends Allowed and I'm a good friend to them.I whould guess that means there is no "list" needed.

Feral: I said...YOUR NOT ON THE LIST!!! *Throws them all the way to there house*

  • few days later*

Liam X:*sees Star skecth and sprints tword her* Hey Skecth,Hows it going

Star skecth: AHH! How did you know my name?

Liam X: Wait...What the swag!? We are best friends,of corss I know your name.

Star skecth: *runs away*

Liam X: :'(

  • later on that day*

Liam X: *sitting on a bench with Kate and Magic* X(

Magic:Whats wrong Liam X?

Liam X: *sighs deeply* Nothing Magic,It's just...Those Ponys forgot who I am.

Kate:Mabye they will start hanging out with you later,They are proply just playing a prank on you.

Magic:Yeah,Even if not,You still have me,Katie and Skippy.

Liam X:Yeah but,Skippy is gonna get married with Ava in a few weeks and that whould mean he becomes the king of pocketville.

Magic:ohh... :(

Kate: Do you wan't a slice of pizza from winco? I will pay.

Liam X: No thanks.I'm just gonna go home now.Bye guys *takes off*

Magic: wow,That was the worst date ever.

Kate: Magic >:(

  • the day during the wedding*

Kate:Ahhh dosen't this place look beatiful?

Liam X:Yeah it sure does *bitting his tie*

Kate: Uhhhh...Liam X...Are you okay? 

Liam X:Yeah I just...don't like ties.

Kate: *giggles*

Liam X: as long as my best bud skippy is happy.I will forget about the tie.

Kate: :)

Danny:Look,Here comes Ava!!!

Ava:* walking down the walkway in a wedding dress*

Walface: :')

Skippy: :]

William:All pocketville citezens! We have al...

Hyena117: -_- *fast fowards and pauses* blah blah blah the typical wedding stuff.Liam X whould've been the ring bearer but where will cats have there wedding rings on? On their tails.anyway here.*un pauses*

William: You may now...Kiss the bried.

  • Skippy and Ava kiss*
  • Evreyone cheers*

Liam X:*thinking* congraguations bud

Kate: *hugs Liam X*

Later on Edit

Ana: Ohh,CONGRATULATIONS AVA! Is this your husband?

Ava:Yes,This my husband and soon to be dad of our kittens.

Skippy:*Blushes all red* wait wha ohh,I remember.

Ana:Nice to meet you Skippy!*hugs him*

Skippy: I know you.

Liam X: *facepalm*

Skippy:Hold on guys,I need to talk to my friend about something.

Ana: Okay bye.

Skippy:*walks over to Liam X* You know how I am now King and I must protect pocketville and I can't realy leave.

Liam X: yeah

Skippy: Well Your are all ways welcome to visit.Me and you are best buds till the end.

Liam X:True!

Skippy:*holds out his paw to Liam X*

Liam X: * shakes his Paw* I am at your service,Your majestey.

The following dayEdit

Liam X: *hanging out with Kate on a park bench* :(

Kate: Whats wrong now?

Liam X: I'm just trying to get over Skippy. When your with me,You Light up my world. Talking about it makes me feel good

Kate: *blushes about what Liam X said about her* Good,Because if you kept this up you will end up like dad's old lawn mower...Cutting itself.

Liam X: XDDD Good one.

Kristan: *walks up* Hey guys

Liam X: Oh hey kristian.

Kate: Hey

Liam X: Man havent seen you a while.

Kristian: ...

Liam X: uhh du-

Kristain: *Eyebrow dancing at Kate*

Kate: *blushes then giggles*

Kristjain:*Starts flirting with Kate*

Liam X: *walks away sloowly then gives flips the bird at kristjain*

Liam X: I don't need them.I don't need any of them. *runs over to a near bye K-9 infestation*

Over at the destroyed enchanted hells schollEdit

Liam X: *see's Santi X fighting K-9s* What the *runs over to him to help*

Santi X: *punches a K-9 gunner in the head making the robot break and shots it with a Shotgun* Whos next?

Whelie K-9:*Charges up and knocks Santi X down*

Santi X: *stomps on the robot*

Liam X: turned a new leaf?

Santi X:Shut up man,All these guys turned against me so I'm fighting back.

Liam X:Tecnicly in a way,Everyone turned against me.So how about this,Me and you work together to get rid of all these guys.

Santi X: alright fine.

Liam X:*pulls out his friend ship heart of Ice nad turns into his Ice form*

Santi X:*Grabs his gem of greed and turns into his metor form*

  • Sonic 4 Super Sonic theme plays in the backround*

Ice Liam X: Alright lets do this.

*Tick bots start to come out of the piles of bricks from the destruction*

Metor Santi X: *fires balls of stone at the bots*

Ice Liam X: *jumps up and fires rows of Ice shards at K-9 spy bots in the air*

*K-9 gunner marches toward Santi X and fires hisarm cannon at him*

Metor Santi X: *punches the heck out of the robot*

wheelie bots:*start to swarm toward Ice Liam X*

Ice Liam X:*dashes threw all of them freezing them*

Metor Santi X: *shoots fireballs at the ice making the frozzen bots blow up*

*Ice Liam X and Metor Santi X Split up to take out the rest*

(in the nether)

etaK: s9-K gniyorsed llohcs dlo eht ta X itnaS dna X maiL dnuof I,noH

X maiL: