Mr T

I Pity the Fool who don't follow these rules.

Welcome to The Random Show Crossover Wikia Rules, we hope you have a great time. Before you come to the Wikia, you must follow a few rules. 

Chat and Wikia Rules 

  1. No cussing, or swearing, if any bad words are seen in Wikia chat or any pages, the user will be kicked or banned from the chat for 2 hours.
  2. No spamming, No spamming unless your making a page and the character is screaming or is panicking. If you spam on the chat for no explainable reason that will be a kick, or just a warning.
  3. Respect, please respect others in all costs, disrespecting will make things worse and won't solve problems. If you disrespect people 3 warnings will be given, then it's a kick.
  4. No arguing about silly things, I have seen many silly arguments, and things around wikia chats. Please try not to argue, we are all friends, and we stay that way.
  5. No bragging, bragging is a way to lose friends, and saying your better than them. That's completely rude and unacceptable.No one likes braggers.
  6. Stay friends, the power of friendship is important in everyone's soul. It's just sad to see people not friends or not being friends with someone it's sad.
  7. No sexual talk, please please. There is no need to talk about this, I hope you all know that it's not acceptable. It's a straight ban for a day.

Rules for Moderators and admins. 

1: You can not make anyone a mod unless you ask the admins too, even if you did there will not be a warning or kick or a ban. I'm just asking you not to. If you completely trust the person it's okay with us. 

2: Moderators can't do anything bad to normal users, like ban them for no reason. Kick them for no reason, no kicks are allowed unless there is a very good reason. Like following the rules 

Thank you, please follow the rules at all times. It's important to follow the rules no matter what.